School Bus Drivers

Drivers are the faces of school transportation and they can make the difference between a good day and a bad day at school. Students don’t care how efficient a computer-generated route is or how it gets them to school on time. What they do care about is how their driver treats them, how they’re greeted every day, and the overall bus ride experience. Much of that relationship comes down to who is hired as a driver, how they are trained, and the tools they are given to succeed.

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Initial Minimum Hiring Requirements

Background Checks

Employment, residency, driving and criminal background checks are conducted on all employees.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Testing is conducted pre-employment and then at ongoing intervals after hire. We are a drug and alcohol-free workplace and maintain a zero-tolerance policy.

Physical Performance &
Dexterity Requirements

Drivers and monitors must satisfy stringent requirements to ensure they can meet the challenges and physical necessities for both routine and emergency situations.

Driver Screening

It is our responsibility to provide you with a team of safe, respectful, and caring professional drivers. We thoroughly screen and follow a carefully crafted interview and selection process to ensure we hire only the best for your community.

Driver Training

We align our training programs to each driver’s experience, the needs of their passengers, and any geographic or location-specific issues or risk factors. We understand that new and experienced drivers require different training, so we have developed comprehensive programs targeting each level of experience.

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